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Welcome to CAMRA's Hosting server.

This server provides email and website hosting for CAMRA branches, beer festivals, and other CAMRA activities. If you would like to talk to us about hosting your Branch Website or Email services, please contact the support team via "support AT hosting DOT camra DOT org DOT uk".

Some other useful CAMRA website links are provided below.

Access the CAMRA Hosting User Control Panel

The CAMRA Hosting User control Panel is accessed at Here users can configure the settings for their virtual email, web and database server. Some accounts (for example where the website is hosted on CAMRA's Beer Engine content management system) only have access to configure email settings.

CAMRA Hosting User Control Panel

Hosting Email Account Configuration

A guide for Hosting Account Administrators at branch level explaining how they can configure new forwarding and mailbox email aliases.

Hosting Email Account Configuration

Hosting Email Client Configuration Guides

We have written a series of user guides to help volunteers who have a mailbox on CAMRA's Hosting Server to configure access to this in the email client of their choice. These include Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, and Gmail. There are also details of how to access your mailbox through the web-based Roundcube Webmail. These can be viewed on our User Guides page.

Please note that these guides do not apply to users who choose to only have email forwarding to their personal email mailbox.

Email Client User Guides

Other CAMRA Websites and Services


WhatPub is CAMRA's publicly-available website promoting pubs through providing a one-stop place to find out information about pubs. The website covers England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands. The data presented is collated by CAMRA volunteers.



Discourse is CAMRA's communication website for volunteers to discuss campaigning. It is open to all CAMRA members (via their national login). Discourse can be used both by email (like a traditional mailing list) and on a website (like an online forum).

Visit Discourse

CAMRA Members' Website

The CAMRA Members' website is a portal to information relating to the people, processes, and documentation of CAMRA. Whether it is looking up its committees, minutes from a committee meeting, the latest electronic copy or What's Brewing, or something else... the Members' Website is the portal where the information you're looking for is stored.

CAMRA Members' Website

Beer Engine

BeerEngine™ is an alternative, easier approach to building a CAMRA branch website. The website is designed to be used by people who have no idea how to develop or maintain a website. All updates to the content are made by filling in web forms. These update web forms are designed to allow the process of updating the site to be shared between different members of the branch committee: social secretary; newsletter editor; pubs officer; festival organiser etc. These websites are hosted and administered for branches on a central server. Help is provided to install and configure the website to meet the branches specific needs.

Beer Engine


This server has useful tools available to use by CAMRA Members, including the ability to search Land Registry Data and provide your IP Address (and other details) to the CAMRA Hosting Support Team. When new tools are released, we will post a link to these.


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